Friday, March 21, 2008


Poll indicates that 56 percent of Venezuelans think Chavez played a key role in DIFFUSING TENSIONS during the recent political spat between Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

The poll was conducted by Veneop SA.

I'd like to know how that poll question was worded exactly, and if there was a follow-up question to find out if these same Venezuelans thought Chavez played a key role in CREATING TENSIONS between Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

From reading accounts of the situation, he definitely played a key role in that regard. If it weren't for him, chances are that Correa wouldn't have gotten into such a huff. Chavez was the gentle breeze that faned that fire into a bigger international incident than it needed to be. Without Chavez' encouragement, Correa would have come to a reconciliation quicker and more quietly.

And from all accounts, at the Rio Group summit in the Dominican Republic, it was the president of the Dominican Republic that helped defuse the situation, along with Colombian President Uribe. While Chavez ordered troops to the border with Colombia, Uribe promised NOT to move troops in response. Furthermore, Uribe was the one who made the overture to Correa by walking over to him during the summit after heated words and accusations were exchanged and offered his hand in reconciliation.

So I'm not sure Veneop was polling, or where these people got their news, but that poll is way off the mark from the reality of the situation. Chavez stuck his nose in where it didn't need to be, and caused the problem to begin with.

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