Friday, March 21, 2008

FARC denies links to Chavez and Correa

Taking a queue from their close friend Chavez, the FARC deny any links with the Venezuelan and Ecuadorian governments. Go figure. You'd expect them to just capitulate after 40 years, and give up all the good drug and ransom money that is supporting their 'war'? I didn't think so.

Interesting that the FARCs statements are reported on the Venezuelan Information Minsitries web site. If you were going to plead innocent, you would go to a neutral party so as to make sure that your statement was sincere.

Note to the FARC: all it takes is the hard drive to be in semi-working order for information to be retrieved off of it. I'm sure that if the hard drive wasn't completely trashed, Interpol is doing its level best to retrieve the little bits and bytes that are on there.

And also, we have no idea where those laptops were found in the camp. They may have been well protected, not just lying out and about.

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