Thursday, March 27, 2008

What happened in Ecuador

Check this article out! Interesting. What happened when Raul Reyes was killed.

UPDATE #1: Brazilian President Lula calls Chavez a peace-maker. He was referencing the whole debacle surrounding the bombing of FARC leader Raul Reyes by the Colombian military in Ecuadorian territory.

Of course, this is coming Xinhua newspaper in China (don't they have enough to cover with the uprisings over there), but if Lula really said that Chavez was the peacemaker in that whole fiasco, then he is smokin' wacky tobacky, partaking some of Evo Morales' coca-paste/leaves, was on a deserted island when Chavez escalated things by sending troops to the border, was asleep at the wheel when Uribe made the overture to Correa and Chavez at the Rio Group, or is just plain clueless.

UPDATE #2: From The Devil's Excrement, something is happening with the info found on those laptops. I agree with the author that something strange is up, especially in light of Lula's statement above. Could Brazil be tied into this whole thing too?

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