Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chavez concerned about Colombian claims

Chavez is now trying to distance himself from the FARC, now that his little escapades have been discovered from that maldito laptops found in the FARC camp in Ecuador.

He expressed concerns over Colombia repeating the accusations of his and Correa's connections to the FARC. He said that making the data on the computers public was a form of 'provocation'.

Hugo, the only way that making that data public is a provocation is if it is in fact TRUE!!! If it isn't true, then it's not a provocation, but a fabrication.

And of course, the last sentence in the article eludes once again to the imperialist US. (Can someone please fix that broken record already?)

UPDATE: From The Devil's Excrement blog: Colombian authorities recover depleted Uranium in the hands of the FARC as described in Reyes' computer.
Uh oh.... Looks like some of what was found on those laptops in the possession of Raul Reyes is true. What's that deodorant commercial? Never let them see you sweat? I think Chavez could use some of that right about now.

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