Monday, March 17, 2008

The creeping vines of Chavez' socialism

You know that pesky vine that grows on your trees that acts as a parasite? It grows so slowly, but one day you look out your window and all of a sudden you see the tree has succumbed to the parasitic vine.

Chavez is attempting to be that parasitic vine wrapping around the whole of South America. His next victim is Peru. Apparently, Peruvians sympathetic to Chavez' cause are using 'Houses of ALBA' to indoctrinate fellow Peruvians. Thankfully, the Peruvian government smells El Burro coming, and is on the alert.

In the first article there was mention of an arrest of two Peruvians attempting to bring in $150 million into Peru in support of those opposed to the Peruvian government. I attempted to find other articles on the arrest, but couldn't. Would love to know more about that.

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