Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Colombia and Ecuador reach agreement

At least two of the parties are making some sense.

Here is the article from Bloomberg.

Key piece of the article is the following quote:

"Ecuador is a nation of peace that rejects violence from wherever it
comes,'' said Maria Isabel Salvador, Ecuador's foreign minister. "This accord
guarantees that no country again violates our sovereignty.''

Huh? Your country is found to be harboring a leader of the FARC, a group that infamous for kidnapping and murder, and you say that you reject "violence wherever it comes"? Sra. Salvador, would you please follow up this statement with one condemning the likes of FARC and ELN?

Also notice the theory is reiterated that Venezuela's troop movement is a ploy to bolster support for Chavez in his time of waning popularity. It gives him one more opportunity to wag his finger as an 'anti-imperialist' at the US and divert attention away from the poor state of affairs in Venezuela.

Talk about Wag The Dog!!! (A great movie by the way!)

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