Monday, March 17, 2008

Unfortuantely, I'd have to agree...

The Bush administration should NOT put Venezuela on the terrorist sponsoring state list right now.

I agree with Mr. Oppenheimer's theory that doing so at this time would just give Chavez more ammunition for rhetoric to bolster his sagging popularity in Venezuela.

Wait until the data on the laptops can be validated, and yes Mr. Chavez these things can be forensically verified and validated as authentic, and when the truth is validated about Chavez' and Correa's connection to the FARC proceed with putting Venezuela and Ecuador on the terrorist sponsoring list.

At that point in time, chances are only the hardcore Chavistas will still back Chavez. $300 million in support of FARC when you're own country is experiencing high levels of crime and shortages in foodstuffs won't sit too well with the majority of Venezuelans.

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