Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An excuse to live the glory days....

Chavez says he wants peace, and of course gets a shot in about how Colombia is a lapdog of the US.

Read the Reuters report here.

I personally think that El Burro wanted a chance to put his military duds back on and play cowboy for a bit.

BTW, food stuffs are flowing in from Colombia to Venezuela still. I guess El Burro isn't stupid enough to cut off the major source of food stuffs to Venezuela. I wonder how long his troops would last without food? They are outnumbered, out-equipped, and are battle tested against the terrorist forces of FARC and ELN. Last known Venezuelan conflict I am aware of is when there were guerrillas in Venezuela when I was a kid. And not much fighting happened there.

I also read somewhere else that Colombia doesn't have to mobilize any forces to the borders because they can move more quickly than Venezuelan troops. (Thanks to Uncle Sam?)

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