Saturday, March 8, 2008

Good news...

Not that the death of anyone is good news, but it doesn't hurt that it's #4 FARC leader Ivan Rios. And killed by his own security chief. Maybe things are turning? Marulanda, watch your back.

Hopefully the US and Colombia will pay the bounty on Rios' and that will cause other's to be encouraged to do the same to #1 on down.

Also, there is speculation as to why Chavez and Correa backed down so quickly at the Rio Group Summit. Could it be that Uribe is a brilliant poker player and didn't show all of his cards when he released the emails from the retrieved laptops?

And the capture of a big arms dealer in Thailand is being linked to the info on the computers as well.

Not a good week for Correa or Chavez, who I'm sure thought things would be in a different place at this point. Now Chavez and Correa will have to deal with the real issues at home: natural disastes in Ecuador and Chavez disasters in Venezuela.

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