Friday, March 14, 2008

FARC - Venezuelan sponsored terrorism

Members of the US Congress are asking the US State Department to put Venezuela on the list of nations that support terrorism.

Of course, Chavez response is to go into his 'imperialism' speech. He'll never answer the question as to whether Venezuela aids and abets the FARC or ELN. Nope, just blaming the hand that feeds him.

Unfortunately, this just feeds into his ability to divert attention from the real problems in Venezuela. It gives him one more piece of coal to stoke the fires of anti-US sentiment among his now dwindling supporters.

I don't think the American lawmakers understand that the best way to keep Chavez quiet is to ignore him. He's a bag of hot air that is all bluff and bluster, and no bite. (Just look to the incident with Colombia for further evidence of that point.) Just as Venezuela depends on Colombia for imports, Venezuela (and Chavez' corrupted cronies) depends on the US for the oil dollars.

I don't think GW and his administration stay up at night worrying about Chavez, as where Chavez and his cronies seem to be in a tizzy about the US.

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