Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Troops are on the move

As of yesterday, troops were not moving to the border between Venezuela and Colombia.

Now they are. AP is reporting that troops are on the move from bases in Lara and the Paramaracay base.

Interesting to note that Colombia has more than twice as many troops than Venezuela. Could the larger number of troops that Colombia has be due to the 40 year war they've been waging against the FARC and ELN? I would be the Colombian troops are more battle-hardened than the alcabala tending Guardia in Venezuela.

Couple of notes about this article:
  1. Colombia wants Chavez tried for aiding a terrorist organization.
  2. Venezuela is accusing Police Chief Naranjo of aiding drug traffickers with evidence it has found on a laptop. (Pot calling kettle black? And no mention of where this mysterious laptop came from. At least the Colombians have a viable source for their information.)
  3. No mention as to why Chavez would think that Colombia would perform a similar military operation against Venezuela, so the assumption is made that Chavez is harboring 'Tirofijo', head terrorist for FARC. Other reports posted here support that theory.

We'll see where this goes.


jenny said...

Did you know they are now reporting that troops are moving to the border in Tachira? I'll bet Rubio is now becoming a wild west town. I feel for the people there.

MK said...

Crazy enough, I bet that things will calm down in Rubio if troops were to move in.

MK said...

I think the crazier parts of Tachira would be San Cristobal and of course San Antonio/Peracal, etc.

jenny said...

I heard from Jorge Ninos, and he was back in Rubio recently. He said things are pretty hairy and even some of the guys we used to know have been involved in issues with FARC, etc. He said it's not safe to be there anymore. I guess CA got out just in time.

MK said...

I won't go back to Venezuela until such time as I feel safe to take my family to the places where I grew up. And no, I wouldn't go to Rubio right now.