Monday, December 31, 2007

Uh Oh.... Que va hacer El Burro ahora?

Just in from my Venezuelan buddy:

The plot thickens....

The four Venezuelan Jets just departed from Villavicencio to Venezuela
carrying the international observers with them. Colombian president Uribe just
reported that the FARC do not have the kid, as he has apparently been in a
government sponsored shelter for abandoned kids for the last 2 years.

Chavez is on short circuit, as his show is falling apart.

Here is an article from VOA. It doesn't specifically relate the details mentioned above, but gives some indication that this 'rescue' mission is falling apart.

Here is a better article by the AP. It notes what Uribe said regarding the FARC not having the boy.

In the article, note the finger wagging done by Oliver Stone, and of course the excuses by Chavez. It's big of him to admit that it would be very shameful for the FARC to lie about the boy hostage. Maybe this isn't playing like Chavez anticipated, and with all the eyes of the world on him his commrades didn't come through making him look rather ridiculous.

Maybe President Uribe is getting the last laugh now.

I know this for sure, Chavez wants to put 2007 behind him and have another go in 2008. By now, he thought he'd have been crowned 'president for life' in Venezuela by winning the Constitutional referendum, and of course he thought he'd look like the hero negotiating the release of some FARC hostages.

Ay... pobrecito Chavez. Que vaz hacer?

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