Friday, December 28, 2007

Oliver Stone to immortalize El Burro

I wonder if the delay in releasing of the hostages by FARC was so that they could be transported back to Colombia from Venezuela, and so that Oliver Stone could come down and make a documentary out of it and make Chavez look like a hero.

These guys (Stone, Penn, etc.) want to make me puke!! These guys sit in their ivory towers in Hollywood where they have nothing to want, and glorify people like Fidel and Hugo who build their own fortunes on the backs of their countries. These Hollywood types are sheer hypocrits.

Hey Oliver..... why not make a documentary about the crime in Venezuela? Why not be like your BBC brethren and expose Chavez for the fraud that he is? Go live in the barrios of Caracas and watch and listen what these people deal with day in and day out. Take some shots of the empty shelves in the grocery stores, where Chavez' economic policies have derailed the supply of food.

Of course, you would probably sit there and nod your head that all of Venezuela's misfortunes are at the and of the Yankee imperialist. Hey Ollie, did you know that prior to your buddy taking office, Venezuela had the most stable economy in all of Latin America? Even with the oil companies run by foreign investors? Have you asked yourself how it is that they Venezuelan economy has gotten WORSE since the increase in the cost of a barrel of oil? It's because of mismanagement of Venezuela's coffers by Chavez and his cronies.

In the words of El Burro himself, "Mr. Danger, you are a donkey!!!"

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