Monday, December 31, 2007

Land Grab

Here's an article on how one man's finca was taken from him.

Note that at the time that the land was forceably taken from Mr. Jorajuria, he was producing crops on it.

And then note this at the bottom of the article:

Under a presidential decree, peasants groups have been allowed to create cooperatives to gain access to huge amounts of land, with financial and technical support from the Ministry of Agriculture and Land.

But the policy has produced a side effect, opponents say: It has reduced the production of sugar cane, corn, cereal and milk, contributing to food shortages that have hit Venezuelan consumers.

"Chavez's land reform has diminished sugar production," said Pedro Pablo Alcantara, director of the opposition party Un Nuevo Tiempo and a former representative of the National Assembly that presided over the parliamentary commission on agriculture and land.

So, here is even more direct evidence that Chavez' own policies on land reform are causing shortages in the grocery stores. But of course, Chavez will point fingers at everyone but his own government.

What's that childhood saying? "One finger pointing at me, but 3 fingers pointing back at you?"

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