Saturday, December 22, 2007

Naomi Campbell to interview Castro?

After 'successfully' getting an interview with El Burro De Barinas (Hugo Chavez), Naomi Campbell is now determined to get an interview with Castro.

I wonder if she'll ask the hard hitting questions that a real journalist should ask. Chances are it will be a fluff piece on how glorious Cuba is.

I'm tired of seeing celebrities going to visit these dictatorships (Venezuela included), being treated like kings and queens, and spreading their propaganda here in the US. I've always maintained that if these are such great countries, why don't these celebrities emigrate? Doesn't Sean Penn or Kevin Spacey know that Chavez wants to end their luxurious life styles? No, they don't know why those people in the barrios in Venezuela are armed to the tooth, and the amount of disinformation that is spread by the Venezuelan government regarding the US desire to overtake the country. (Of course, this is utter bunk, but this has been a perceived notion for many years in Venezuela, and Chavez knows how to play on the fears of the people like most dictators do.)

If you hate America that much (one that has given you the means by which you can jet around the world and spout your vitriol), THEN LEAVE!!!! I'm sure Cuba or Venezuela or North Korea or China would love to have you. People like Roman Polanski have left and lived lovely lives in other countries.

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