Friday, December 21, 2007

Chavez and FARC in bed together

Here is an article from a Colombian newspaper detailing the connections between the guerrilla group FARC in Colombia and the Venezuelan government.

Unfortunately, the article is in Spanish.

According to this report, some 30% of drugs bound for Europe and the US go through Venezuela. How is this possible?
  • 'Ideological' similarities between the FARC and Chavez' government: anti-imperialism, and the so-called Bolivarian revolution.
  • Quid pro quo: FARC has safe haven in Venezuela, and they teach Chavez' militia in terrorist tactics.
  • Wide spread corruption in Venezuela, something that Chavez said he would eliminate when he came to power back in '98. If you need any further evidence that Chavez is a hypocrit, just look at the wide spread corruption and nepotism in Venezuela that he swore to stamp out so long ago.

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