Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vindication for Uribe

I'm sure this is old news by now, but Colombian President Uribe's revelation that the child Emmanuel that the terrorist FARC rebels claimed to have had actually been in foster care in Bogota. DNA tests proved that fact.

The childs mother, Clara Rojas, and fellow hostage Consuelo Gonzalez, were released today in the Colombian state of Guaviare.

Here is the article from the AP.

I find it interesting the bent of this article against President Uribe, basically blaming him for the breakdown in the original hostage turn over at the beginning of this year. While they mention that the FARC didn't have Emmanuel, they did fail to mention that Uribe is the one who revealed that the FARC didn't have the child and thus revealing the FARC for the sham of rebel group that they are.

By the way, where is the condemnation from Chavez for the FARC lie? In a previous article I posted a link to, I think he said shame on the FARC if they lied about not having the child.

Also note Chavez' indication that he, or his government, are in contact or communication with the FARC. Lends further credence to the article from El Pais that there is a strong connection between upper levels of the Venezuelan government and the FARC.

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rubia said...

Good for you, dude, in blogging on this true devil. He's a horrible man, and I'm sad to see what he's done to a beautiful country.