Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Jackal and El Burro

Interesting article on Carlos "The Jackal" from MiPunto.Com, probably the most famous Venezuelan next to Simon Bolivar. Unfortunately, his fame is as an assassin and terrorist, not a liberator of continent.

Apparently, Chavez is a big fan of The Jackal - read the last paragraph - and employs his brother as Minister of Energy and Mines and President of PDVSA. (That relationship isn't in th article, nor is the next part.)

Rumor has it that there are secret negotiations going on to swap the FARC hostage Ingrid Betancourt (a French-Colombian) for The Jackal, who is currently being held in France.

One interesting note, for all the idealism that The Jackal represents regarding the revolutionary causes he has supported, he sure liked to live the high life and spend lots of many. Didn't realize that those ideals meshed with communism and socialism in their purist forms. One would think those are just a front to extract money and feed his blood-lust of killing people and garnering attention.

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