Sunday, January 13, 2008

That didn't last long...

The kinder, gentler Chavez didn't last long. In this AP article, he is back to his old ways of threatening to sieze private property. In this case, basic foods being 'hoarded' by businesses. The excuses given are because there are shortages of food, and because of high inflation. Businesses deny hoarding food to sell at higher prices later on.

At least he is accusing everyone this time, from the 'large capitalists to the small shopkeepers."

I find it interesting that he blames part of the inflation problem in Venezuela on possible hoarding, and yet turns a blind eye to the economic policies he and his government are following. Chavez uses the PDVSA as a blank check for whatever he wants, infusing massive amounts of capital into the economy. Of course, THAT can't be the problem, can it?

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