Friday, January 18, 2008

Colombia Fires a Political Shot

Apparently, the Colombian government is getting a bit tired of Chavez meddling in their affairs. Here is an article from El Tiempo depicting a note of protest that was sent by the Colombian government to the government of Venezuela.

Notice the response from Chavez. He's got his pat answer: Uribe is a puppet of Bush, and Bush is pushing all the buttons in Colombia. Yes, Colombia is one of the few governments left in South America not affected by Chavez own imperialism, and is a strong ally of the United States. But charges like those made in the letter of protest need to be answered point for point, and they were simply deflected.

But of course, that is Chavez answer for anything and eveything. It will be interesting to see what his new excuse will be once the U.S. has a new president that still doesn't care for him.

Her is a video clip

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