Thursday, September 25, 2008

Socialism will save the world.

At least according to El Burro Chavez.

Notice in the article that Chavez sings "you are so like me" in reference President Bush. I'm not sure, but I think someone has the hots for POTUS!!! And it's not Laura Bush!!!

I love the way he states he's been pointing out flaws in the US economic system for years. Sure, he's criticized US for it's 'imperialist' ways, but was he a prophet of the housing bubble burst? I don't think so.

Socialism, communism, or even capitalism are all great theories in a vacuum. Add the element of man into the equation, and any one of them is likely to be twisted into a pretzel to squeeze every ounce of economic advantage to those that are in power or have money. Communism in Russia produced a ruling elite, where long lines for bread were found constantly. Socialism in Venezuela just means that the money has changed hands from the private sector to the Chavez government lackeys. And with capitalism, you have the crisis we face today in the US. No one system is perfect.

Mr. Chavez, socialism isn't going to save the world. No governmental or economic system is going to save the world, because there will always be the haves and the have-nots. It's how the haves treat the have-nots that predicts whether this world will be saved.

And before you, Mr. Chavez, say your model in Venezuela for treating the have-nots is any better than anyone elses, please take a look at the key stats of human conditions in Venezuela. Crime is up (especially homicides and kidnappings), unemployment up, and your infrastructure is crumbling around you as you seek to nationalize key industries. The poor in Venezuela aren't much better off than they were when you took power 10 years ago.

If anything, socialism in Venezuela has helped to concentrate more money in the hands of government officials and those that do it's bidding, and less to the people. Corruption has risen in Venezuela, even though you Mr. Chavez promised to wipe it out. As a popular blogger on Venezuelan issues calls it, you have instituted a 'robolution', not a 'revolution'.

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